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Established in 1984, American Steel Products is a precision, coil-to-coil, slitting and cold rolling toll processor, located in Toledo, Ohio. We operate a modern 72" x .018"/.200" x 65,000# loop slitter, and a 14" wide x 4 high tandem cold reduction line, with in-line tension leveler. Our specialty is the toll-processing: slitting and/or cold reduction or temper passing, of carbon & stainless steel coils. We are able to process HRPO, HSLA, CR (High/Low Carbon), SS or Coated Product, to your strip tolerance requirements, on our slitting or reduction line. We offer toll, strip tolerance work from .010" to .250" thick on our mill, and .018" to .200" on our slitter. We have overhead cranes rated to 35 ton capacity.

Our Main Line Equipment

Slitting Line 72" Slitter:
Type of materials: HR, HRPO, HSLA, CR, Galvanized...
Yeild Stregths: 140 KSI max.
Coil Wgt. 65,000# max.
Uncoiler: 20/24/28" ID - 74" max. OD
Recoiler: 20/24" ID - 74" max. OD
Strip width: 74" max. - 24" min.
Number of cuts @ .200" = 6
Number of cuts @ .018" = 30+
Shimless tooling
Tension stand
Entry & Exit Crop Shears
Automatic Edge Control
Gauge Measurement
40' Looping Pit


ASP Rolling Mill
14" x 4" HI Rolling Mill
Type of Materials: HRPRO, HSLA, CR, SS, Any coated product
Yield Strength: 180 KSI max.
Coil Wgt. 13,500# max.
Max. Entry thickness: .3550"
Min. Entry thickness: .0200"
Min. Exit thickness: .0100"
Uncoiler: 20/24" ID - 72" max. OD
Recoiler: 20" ID - 72" max. OD
Roll Face: 14.0"
Entry Strip width" 13.0" max. - 4.0" min.
      (inquire for less than 4.0")
% Reduction Max. one pass: 50% *
      (* Depending on tensile & strip width)
% Reduction Min. one pass: 2%
Edging Available in .125" thru .355"
      (Safety edge, modified & full round)
Min. Edging Width: 2.0"
Max. Edging Width: 12.0"

Our services have proven themselves superior for the following five reasons: * Cold-Reducing Only

  1. We can accept/provide large diameter coils for more efficient downstream production (Max. 72" O.D.)
  2. There is very little or no scrap, as we can hold tight, slit, edge trim tolerance & reduce/tension level, the entire coil {mult}*, head-to-tail.
  3. State of the art gauge control on our rolling mill, insures your product is within the tight parameters you specify. This ability to precisely control thickness (we can guarantee +/-.0005") equates to more lineal feet per pound.*
  4. Temper, yield, tensile and surface finish are strictly measured throughout the reduction process. This assures you that the first coil will run the same as the last, skid after skid, with no constant adjustment of dies and tooling in stamping, press or roll-forming operations.
  5. Dimensional variations in slit steel is now eliminated, with in-line tension leveling:*

For a processing quotation, give us your incoming parameters, ie. gauge, width, chemistry, physicals, etc. and outbound parameters.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Our office is headquartered and located at:

American Steel Products Company
3171 N. Republic Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43615
TEL: 419-841-1599
FAX: 419-843-5288

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